GROWCAST Breeder Feature – Gage Green Group, with Michael and Jeff

Jeff and Michael from Gage Green Group are on the podcast to talk about their breeding work, their strains, and their philosophy. Jeff shares some of his extensive background in breeding in Northern California, and discusses why he believes that maintaining healthy organic farming practices is crucial for your strain’s lineage. He goes on to tell some interesting stories regarding the plagiarizing of his strains, and what ended up happening to the plagiarizers. Michael talks about why he believes GGG strains are so special, and why he puts so much passion towards natural and alternative growing/breeding practices. The guys also talk about some of their most prolific work, including the many offshoots of their hit strain Grape Stomper. Before wrapping up the show, the guys discuss the booming cannabis scene in Michigan, and why it’s becoming harder and harder to be a grower in California.

Listen to the podcast: