Gladwin, MI – February 14, 2021:  The Gage Green Group continues its stellar success in the high end cannabis seed market.  For the third time this year, the legendary genetics introduced a new strain and the limited supply was snapped up in moments, a testament to the company’s dominance in the connoisseur cannabis segment of the blossoming cannabis industry.  

Romantic Warrior, a creative cross of Spirit and Prominence cuts, sold out in a pre-sale offering days before its official release on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021.  This preceded by the successive sellouts of both Epiphany and Breath.  

Notably, the insatiable demand for GGG genetics has driven the price up, causing some concern among loyal GGG growers who have grown accustomed to reaping incredible returns on their seed purchases.  In the social media engagement, several of the regular buyers pointed to the imbedded value of GGG seeds, which are selected and nurtured in the GGG BIODOME, cultivated by the team which brought the industry some of its most prolific strains: Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, Grateful Breath and more.  Over time, the value of GGG seeds appreciates as they create more inventive, potent strains, which produce the most compelling and complex cannabis experiences.

As the cannabis industry explodes, expect GGG to be at the cutting edge of marijuana magic.  The founders, Mike Fong and Jeff Selsor, are planning a year-long series of releases highlighting their decades-long commitment to cannabis excellence.