Gladwin, MI – March 7, 2021: Like the flower who stretches her delicate fingers toward the radiant sun, GGG releases a genetic masterpiece. An artfully crafted blend of royal ancestry, they’ve named HIGHER VIBE debuts on Monday, March 22, 2021.  

This limited release is priced at $1006 for 10 SEEDS with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. 20 PACKS made AVAILABLE exclusively through designated authorized GGG retailers

Paying homage to the Queen — Cherry Pie Kush — the legendary genetic explorers of the Gage Green Biodome harmonize her world-class potency, and density, with the phenomenal frost and flavor traits of the Purple Punch x Aloha Grape Stomper stud they named Mr. 66.

Inspired by KURT ELLING’S album Man in the Air, HIGHER  VIBE manifests GGG’s focus on elevating the blossoming cannabis industry, in genetics, in growing, and in healing.   From the very beginning, GGG has set a higher standard of genetic excellence for the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.  With HIGHER VIBE, they raise the frequency once again, as they project a future of wholeness, abundance and prosperity for all, as we emerge from this long, dark winter of despair.


The mother, Cherry Pie Kush is a higher vibe. Not only is she a tremendous heirloom, but she is also known as the Pre-Cookies and the original Cherry Pie, the great-ancestor of strains such as Mendo BreathOGKBGelatoSherbet, and so much more. Her genetics contain the code that will unlock treasures for the genetic explorer.  Like a goddess, she is a gift which has made so many families abundant and prosperous.  We are grateful and tremendously honored to carry the torch and share her progeny with connoisseurs and growers.

The father is an heirloom male, hand-selected by Jeff (@Keyplay7) in the GGG Biodome, named Mr. 66 which packs both the phenomenal frost and flavor of the Purple Punch and the Aloha Grape Stomper.  The Purple Punch is an heirloom clone-only created by Supernova Gardens which contains Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple genetics. The Aloha Grape Stomper is a legendary combination of the 30%+ Grape Stomper from GGG and the Aloha White Widow line inspired by breeder and mentor Jojorizo. These extraordinarily frosty selections have created countless cup winners and breeding champions.

With this release, the founders of GGG are shouting in celebration like Sly, “We wanna take you higher!  Baby Baby Baby, Light this Fire!!!!!”

GGG continues its tradition of genetic genius with HIGHER VIBE.  This is the fourth release of the year, after three stunning sell-out drops of Epiphany, B R E A T H and Romantic Warrior.  The company is planning an ambitious year of seed releases, meant to take the emerging cannabis industry by storm with the best, organic, hand-crafted, legacy genetics available anywhere in the world.