Gladwin, MI – March 10, 2021:  The legendary cannabis breeders of the Gage Green Group are on a mission to build the best team of master cannabis growers in America.  As the cannabis industry comes into full bloom, the team known for crafting the most exciting organic strains of the past generation is recruiting a elite team of master growers to partner with on a variety of upcoming strategic partnerships.  This is grow season for Gage.

Gage is searching for men and women who have wide experience running mid- and large-sized commercial cannabis operations, particularly organic.  If you understand all phases of growing clean in accordance with natural farming SOPs; if you can demonstrate a track record and passion for crafting the finest cannabis available, then Gage wants to talk with you.

The creative force behind the award-winning Gage Green, Mike Fong and Jeff Selsor, have dedicated themselves to crafting prestige flowers and seeds in an Advanced, Regenerative, Natural Farming Ecosystem — the GGG BIODOME, created by natural farmers, scientists, artists and healers, the GGG BIODOME is a manifestation taking centuries of combined experience to bring forth Heaven on Earth.  

Unlike most cannabis companies, Gage is committed to growing the most exclusive, artfully crafted cannabis for the world’s most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.  Gage believes it takes the best growers to grow the best cannabis and plans on using this platform to give the best gardeners an opportunity to take their ability and passion to the next level.  Accordingly, they plan to provide the best compensation packages in the industry, with performance incentives and equity opportunities, to attract the finest talent.

GGG is only searching for the best. Contact Gage Green Group at with your resume, portfolio and social media if you believe you have the qualifications to be a part of our boutique GGG grow facilities.