GLADWIN, MI – April 3, 2021:  In an innovative fusion of fine art, digital currency and, of all things, exotic weed, the legendary cannabis geneticists of GAGE GREEN GROUP are using an NFT auction to release its latest cannabis seed: ▲ R I S E, an all-new unique cannabis strain, accompanied by its artistic manifestation.  

Four significant firsts:  ▲ R I S E, the first cannabis strain of its kind, a bold take on the legacy of Triangle Kush.  The first one-of-one GGG release for one exclusive owner.  The first artistic expression of a genetic creation by the artist himself.  And the first blockchain enabled release of cannabis and art.

Continuing its stunning string of sold-out seed releases in 2021, the GAGE GREEN GROUP reaches for the ultimate pinnacle of artistic excellence.  With its latest creation, ▲ R I S E, an exclusive one-of-one pack release for the sole possession of one grateful owner who alone will enjoy and share the brilliance and bounty of its unique harvest.  GGG is pioneering this new approach in order to maintain the purity and authenticity of its most prestigious genetic creations.

This solo release will be auctioned off starting at $8000 for 10 seeds.  Email your highest bid to Currently, the high bid is $11,500.

In addition to owning a one-of-one seed pack, the winner of the auction will receive an original, one-of-one hand-drawn artwork by the founder of GAGE GREEN GROUP,  Jeff Selsor aka KEYPLAY7, along with a one-of-one digital NFT version of the artwork available as a one-of one. With a legacy of innovation, the legendary GAGE GREEN GROUP debuts the world’s first NFT, blockchain-enabled seed release.

▲ R I S E  is a testament to the artistry of GGG. GAGE GREEN GROUP innovates with a one of one pack release of  ▲ R I S ERising above the clouds and soaring past the competition, GAGE GREEN GROUP drops the  ▲ R I S E at a time when the rest of the genetic and seed industry is chasing numbers and volume.

Authenticity and exclusivity matter. That is why we breed with old school cultivars that retain the genetic heritage and ancestry of new school genetics.

▲ R I S E  is a Triangle Kush BX1 at heart, which means that the aromatics contain heavy OG notes — pine, gas, lemon.  By embellishing the rare, clone-only Triangle Kush, ▲ R I S E  will satisfy even the headiest connoisseurs. Expect hard hitting potency that persists.

The  ▲ R I S E  is 25% fruit and 75% gas.  We choose our strongest male from the miles a head ancestry, which is half Triangle Kush and half Breathwork, a fruitier kush utilizing the world-famous Mendo Breath  and  Grateful Breath. Experience a juicy plum and berry terpenoid profile backed by a soothing eucalyptus and camphor essences.

GAGE GREEN GROUP created this special one of one release to amplify the traditional kush flavor with a touch of color, density, and potency for the most demanding connoisseur.  The  ▲ R I S E  is one for the ages.