After years of growth and careful cultivation, Jeff and Mike had together built an international cannabis brand, literally, from the dirt. 

The concept of the Gage sprang from the mind of Keyplay like of the goddess Athena, known for her wisdom and craft.  

Jazz musician Jeff long knew the legend of the gage in the jazz community. 

He knew that the great Satchmo smoked, respected, appreciated and was inspired by the consciousness-raising effects of marijuana. 

Knew that cannabis elevated the human soul and sparked profound creativity.

He knew, and he too, was inspired to reach for higher and higher levels of humanity and artistic expression — like Pops — through the magic of a plant so many demonized while so many more sang its praises. 

The power of the Gage.  So was born the Gage Green Group.


Toiling in the garden.  Digging into the dirt.  All the while growing as a man conscious of a world going mad.  Jeff manifested his artistic vision into the garden of heavenly delight.  And the fruits of his labor have become world-renowned. 

The strains, the stories, the successes.

When Jeff met Mike, the band was born.  Mike, the young ambitious cannabis savant came together to move Gage into the new millennium, a new age of creativity and cultural evolution through the power of technology.

The Gage Green Group went on to redefine and enchant the budding cannabis world.  New techniques.  Radical new ideas.  A willingness to buck convention, improvise on the fly and invent new expressions of the mighty cannabis plant no one had ever seen, using techniques no one had ever imagined.

Like a plant itself, well nourished, cherished and encouraged by success, Gage Green grew, stretched its arms toward the glow from above, gaining altitude, building confidence and exploring new ways to liberate the infinite power of nature’s Queen Leaf.

And then the unexpected storm struck like a thief in the night.  Envy and resentment festered like tiny bugs on a proud tree.  The night of the raid, when the tyrants came to terrorize and tear down that which was alive and thriving.  The raid…