Welcome to a GGG. Our website is private. If you are interested in entering, we ask that you read our disclaimer thoroughly. If you have any questions, please contact us before entering the website. Please email at admin@gagegreengroup.com.

1. Gage Green Group is a community-minded & conscious foundation based upon the principle of advancing the holistic potential of cannabis and humanity. It is comprised of individuals striving to uplift the sacred herb, we call GAGE.

2. We conduct genetic research in cannabis to study and test the most effective cannabis medicines. The plant’s proven efficacy for increasing human health and reversing terminal disease is phenomenal. We have experienced similar miracles and know the potential of cannabis to heal our bodies and our communities.

3. Gage stands for the expansion of the mind. Our goal is to spread awareness and new perspectives. Please show respect for the herb.

4. All our products undergo strict procedures to ensure quality. We stand behind our product. All herbal products contain the essence of life and may spoil if not properly handled.

5. The possession and germination of seeds or cannabis may be restricted in many states and countries. Please check and follow applicable laws.

6. We are not responsible for your actions. Most websites and retailers sell seeds as souvenirs and are sold for preservation not germination. Please be responsible when you purchase seeds online.

7. We are not medical doctors or licensed healthcare providers. None of the statements made on our website or marketing materials have been approved by any medical science or governmental institutions. Our words are our own and we base our entire knowledge on experience, self-reflection and research. This is art.

8. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We do not intend to prescribe medical diagnosis, treatments, cures, or preventatives. In fact, we do not believe in disease. We work with nature and believe the body has an innate ability to overcome all. When we say disease, we mean dis-ease, which is the manifestation of tension within the subtle body.

9. Do not interpret our words as medical advice. If we do give medical advice, it is only a part of the act. We are actors and performers, not a dependable source for medical treatment. Our artistic interpretation of health and medical cannabis is purely founded on love and experience.

10. If you need medical help, please see a professional doctor. If you have cancer, please see a doctor. If you need a scientific cure, please see a pharmacist. GGG only recommends truth. Our marketing reflects this. Please be cognizant.

11. By entering this website, you agree to become a private member of GGG. You forego the right to file a lawsuit or complaint against GGG. You take all risks and you enter on your own free will.