DETROIT, MICHIGAN: Gage Green Group, a natural farming company specializing in cannabis genetics, is moving in a new direction after recently cutting ties with a negligent business partner. 

As of July 31, former business partner Jeffrey Selsor, a.k.a. Keyplay7, has been permanently removed from the Gage Green Group team after violating several conduct codes and company values. 

Gage Green Group is now moving forward in a positive direction in order to protect the brand and the future of the company. Gage Green Group will be partnering internationally with growers and processors to provide the highest quality product that the team is recognized for. Green Gage Group will continue to give back to the community while promoting natural healing. The team is excited to see the flowering of a whole new Gage Green Group with its core values intact. 

After cutting ties with Selsor, the company is now able to return its focus towards growing the brand and sharing its creativity and gifts with the world.

“At Green Gage Group, we aim to become the world’s most prestigious luxury cannabis brand,” said company owner Michael Fong. “Our next goal is to reach every part of the world to ensure everybody has access to the highest quality cannabis.

After the recent disruptions our company has faced, we have cut ties with the responsible individual so we can move forward in a productive manner.”

Gage Green Group is taking a fresh approach to its brand after separating from Jeffrey Selsor. The company will no longer be affiliated with this individual and plans to move forward to create an environment for team members that is safe, healthy, and productive. Brand new releases with no involvement from Selsor include: Om Mani Padme Hum, Cherry Pie Kush Breath, Holy Water, and Crystalline. 

The team is focusing on themes of renewal and cleansing. To learn more about Gage Green Group, visit their website at